Debido a la situación generada por la propagación del Coronavirus COVID19 a nivel global, siguiendo las recomendaciones de las autoridades sanitarias y atendiendo especialmente al sentido de la responsabilidad, la organización ha decidido aplazar la séptima edición de la Cumbre Iberoamericana del Juego.Próximamente les informaremos de la nueva fecha, de acuerdo con la Dirección de Casinos y Juegos de Azar de República Dominicana (Ministerio de Hacienda).

Lima will host the 6º Ibero-American Gaming Summit

Lima will host the 6º Ibero-American Gaming Summit

  • The city of Lima will bring together leading regulators and of the gaming industry to discuss the challenges facing the sector on a global scale.
  • The Summit boasts the support of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations of Spain, through the General Directorate of Gaming, and the Ministry of Foreing Trade and Tourism of Perú, through the General Directorate of Casino Games and Slot Machines.

Lima (Perú) will host the Sixth Ibero-American Gaming Summit, the annual meeting of reference for the gaming industry to be held on May 15th (Swissotel Lima). The Summit will bring together key players and regulators within the sector, with the aim of improving regulatory mechanisms and the exchange of information between companies and regulators.

The Summit is presented as the only meeting point that brings together regulators from all Latin American countries to strengthen government and corporate bonds.

The Government of Perú, through the regulatory body of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, General Directorate of Casino Games and Slot Machines, will act as the Institutional Ambassador of the meeting. Moreover, as in all previous editions, the Summit has the support of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration of Spain through the General Directorate of Gaming. Peruvian associations of gaming will also participate in this event.

After the fifth previous editions, held in Madrid, Mexico, Cartagena, more recently, in Medellín, the Ibero-American Summit of Gaming looks to further expand its borders in to more countries within the Latin American region.

Peru has 31 million inhabitants and an estimated GDP growth for 2018 by 3.8%. It is living its longest period of democracy and economic stability and the average growth of the country has been 5% during the last 17 years. There is not a country in South America that has achieved an economic projection like that of Peru in recent years.

These figures support the interest of the leaders of the public and private sectors, aware of the dynamism of the Peruvian economy. The appearance of new companies of medium and large size, as well as the vast portfolio of investment projects represent that it is a country full of opportunities for companies.

The bilateral diplomatic relationship between Spain and Peru was established in 1879 and is well established. Currently, Spain occupies the first place as an investor in Peru with 4.405 million dollars in foreign direct investment.

It is expected a growth in the number of Peruvians with smartphones (from 17.2% to 58.7% by 2020), and the emergence and growth of electronic money technologies promoted by Asbanc (5 million Peruvians by 2020) which are keys to access the online game.

The Peruvian administration, along with other countries such as Chile, Paraguay or Brazil, is in the process of creating an online gambling regulation in view of the unquestionable development of this modality in recent years, since smartphones and internet access are the spearheads of this niche, of great reception in other countries like Spain whose law in this respect dates from 2012.

The Summit has been held twice in Madrid, one in Mexico and twice in Colombia, the latter recently becoming the first Latin American country to regulate online gaming. Therefore, we see very interesting that the next country where it falls is Peru, both for its current context as its broad market and for the steps that have been taken towards the adoption of the Regulation of Sports Betting and Online Gaming. What makes Peru one of the most advanced countries in Latin America in this regard.

The VI Ibero-American Gaming Summit is organized once again by JAK Communicación