Debido a la situación generada por la propagación del Coronavirus COVID19 a nivel global, siguiendo las recomendaciones de las autoridades sanitarias y atendiendo especialmente al sentido de la responsabilidad, la organización ha decidido aplazar la séptima edición de la Cumbre Iberoamericana del Juego.Próximamente les informaremos de la nueva fecha, de acuerdo con la Dirección de Casinos y Juegos de Azar de República Dominicana (Ministerio de Hacienda).

The Summit

7th Ibero-American Gaming Summit


The Ibero-American Gaming Summit has chosen Panama as the venue for the 7th edition of this international summit. The Gambling Control Board of Panama will host this forum that will be held on May 16 and 17 at the Riu Plaza Panama hotel, Panama City.

The Panamanian administration decided to legislate online gambling in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic, to favor users, open the market to the world of online betting and be more competitive. It is not for nothing that this country has the dollar as its currency, an admirable geographical position, a banking system and a regulation that aspires to attract foreign investors who are looking for new horizons and safe markets.

The pandemic has been a huge test for the economy, also in the gaming industry where in many countries it is linked to the tourism sector. Companies and governments have become aware of the importance of innovation and digitization to get ahead. The 7th Ibero-American Gaming Summit will be entitled ‘A future of opportunities‘ and will be a window to publicize the challenges that must be faced in the context of recovery after Covid-19 for the transformation of the industry.

The Summit has been held twice in Madrid, once in Mexico, twice in Colombia and once in Peru. For this reason, we find it very interesting that the next country where it cellebrates is Panama, both because of its current context and because of its gaming tourism market and its geographical location in Central America.

The Ibero-American Gaming Summit will be organized and promoted for another year by JAK Comunicación.